About Us

The Sustainable Green Energy Council (SAGEC) is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) aiming to organize the Energy University Consortium based in the State of New York, USA. It was established by collaborative efforts of the Power Japan Plus Corporation (PJP) and the Eco Planet (NPO) with support of the World Association of Former United Nations Internes and Fellows (WAFUNIF), official UN-affiliated organization, as an initiative to promote academic researches on development of new technologies and their applications in the areas of global sustainability and green energy.

SAGEC will integrate efforts from the private, public, academic, United Nations entities, and NGOs into the academic level in order to enhance scientific synergies and progress that  can contribute to both theoretical and practical solutions to today’s impending energy problems of our planet.

SAGEC will operate through a consortium of world-class universities and research institutes with strong collaboration from pertinent government agencies and private enterprises.

The Energy University has its goals to academically foster and promote clean energy development and energy conservation as the means to protect the environment, enhance public awareness about the related issues, and position itself to capture emerging economic development opportunities in the energy sector.

We are currently having conversations with several interested parties such as universities, research institutions, government agencies, private donors, and international institutions to become either members or supporters of the Energy University. They will be announced as soon as formal commitments are obtained. Locations of the Energy University are currently planned in both New York and Tokyo.

SAGEC is a member of the UN Global Compact initiative.