Joint R&D with universities in Palestine

SAGEC, together with the Power Japan Plus (PJP), has agreed in May 2016 with two universities in Palestine to conduct joint Research and Development (R&D) regarding the dual carbon battery, which does not require rare metals or any toxic metals for its electrodes, and whose electrodes are made by naturally available and environmentally friendly carbon.

Also, SAGEC has agreed with the Palestine partners to conduct a research on carbon complex production of vegetable origin with locally available materials and a field study about effectiveness of carbon complex tablets as a dietary supplement for detoxication.

The agreement was made among SAGEC, Palestine Polytechnic University, and Birzeit University.

(Presentation about the dual carbon battery made by SAGEC representatives at Palestine Polytechnic University)

(from the left to the right: Mr. Masanobu Yamamoto: SAGEC Chief Executive Advisor, Prof. Dr. Imad Khatib: President of Palestine Polytechnic University, and Mr. Hiroaki Nishina: Executive Director of SAGEC)