NEWS | 24 Jun 2017
Support of the brand new UMI・SACHI Promotion Conference
The UMI・SACHI Promotion Conference is a new general corporation established in Japan to promote the concept UMI (sea) and SACHI (blessings). We support this organisation and its launching symposium to… Read More

NEWS | 27 Oct 2016
Charity auction for refugee children!
Our Executive Director is now supporting a charity painting auction for helping children in refugee camps in Iraq and Syria. Please visit the following link for the details.[link] Read More

Activities | 27 Oct 2016
Painting charity auction to support refugee camps in Iraq and Syria
SAGEC's Executive Director Hiroaki Nishina has initiated a charity auction to support children in refugee camps in Iraq and Syria, together with other benevolent people. Paintings drawn by refugee camps’… Read More

Activities | 16 Oct 2016
Joint R&D with universities in Palestine
SAGEC, together with the Power Japan Plus (PJP), has agreed in May 2016 with two universities in Palestine to conduct joint Research and Development (R&D) regarding the dual carbon battery, which… Read More

Activities | 16 Oct 2016
Collaboration with a university in Kurdistan
SAGEC Executive Director Hiroaki Nishina had a courtesy visit to Kurdistan at the beginning of 2016, and had a fruitful meeting with a representative of a university in Kurdistan. During… Read More